I’m Khaled Abou Alfa, a Chartered Engineer living in Copenhagen with my wife and two sons. We are an Apple family and like it that way. This is my online stream and it’s powered by Micro.blog. If you’d like to comment on anything I write about, you should create an account, I highly recommend it.


I’m the writer/illustrator behind Stet.Build, a website dedicated to bringing concise publications about the built environment. The first publication is the monthly newsletter, In Abeyance, which you should totally subscribe to, its great (I may be biased).

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Engineering & Architecture

Engineering and the built environment has been part of my daily life since 2001 when I started working. I’ve had the pleasure of working on some truly amazing projects, with some truly exceptional people.

I’ve been a building services engineer for over 16 years now. As the years go by, it’s oftentimes difficult to remember all the projects as they quickly stack up.

Item Project Location
1. Project Hero, Dubai Airports United Arab Emirates
2. MDCC, Dubai Airports United Arab Emirates
3. Qatar National Museum Qatar
4. Doha Oasis Qatar
5. Galleria Hotel KSA
6. Gaucho Grill, Dubai United Arab Emirates
7. Le Vendome Hotel, Extension Lebanon
8. The Shard United Kingdom
9. University of Nottingham Engineering Centre United Kingdom
10. San Pellegrino Italy
11. Grosvenor Crescent United Kingdom
12. 15-18 Bedford Street United Kingdom
13. 205 Holland Park Avenue United Kingdom
14. St.Regis Hotel Egypt
15. British Embassy Algeria
16. Al Raha Beach United Arab Emirates
17. Los Faros De Panama Panama
18. Harris Academy at Stanley United Kingdom
19. Kilburn College United Kingdom
20. Whitelands College United Kingdom
21. UBS Walburg Data Centre United Kingdom
22. Ideas Store United Kingdom


One of my oldest and longest passions has been reading and to a much lesser degree making comics. So far the output has been limited to two single projects that have made their way online.

Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans is a 4 page short graphic story was created as part of the Observer/Comica/ Jonathan Cape ‘Short Graphic Story’ competition in 2009. Sadly the entry didn’t win, but I still like the story. This was my first full comic book story I’ve written and drawn.

Moon Racket!
An all-ages comic strip about Corgan and Alfie who live on the Moon — eating cheese & making noise.


My text editor of choice is iA Writer. Graphics are created in the Affinity suite of software. Artwork is created using the sublime Procreate.

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