The world continues to go to shit. I’ve heard prime ministers and presidents all over the world deliver speeches after these types of attacks (sadly they’re not rarities), they often come across somewhat hollow. Jacinda Ardern’s response was anything but.

📚 Finally finished Atomic Habits. Great book that I’m actually running through again to try and see how I can best benefit from all the wisdom inside it’s covers. I’ve managed to tweak some of my behaviours such that I am journaling every day without fail. I’m also hoping to get 30min writing ever morning before the day really starts. Tidying up the kitchen before putting the kids to bed. Flossing. The big one I am struggling with is the daily exercise.

Barak Obama never affected my life directly, however he existed in a world I understood politically. A world that showed what a leader could be. From any country. I miss the impact the right person has on the political landscape. The world deserves more.


I recently bought the K380 keyboard from Logitech. Originally intended to be used as a replacement for the generic Dell POS that is supplied at work, I can certainly see a place for this keyboard elsewhere in my life. The keys have weight to them. It has gravitas. A satisfying thumping sound that I am usually not used to on my MacBook Pro. It’s not that the MacBook Pro is a bad experience…far from it. It’s just that this Logitech keyboard offers a different experience that I really like.

Of course one of the annoying things about a wireless keyboard (as least the really minimal looking ones) is the fact that they are typically not backlit. Once you get used to that kind of feature, it’s actually pretty difficult to get used to living without it. The only other area that I would comment on is the fact that the key markings are not seamless with the plastic of the buttons. They are trying to meld into the keys, except they really don’t.

If you’re in the market for something relatively cheap that feels more expensive than it actually is, and that you’re touching all the time, the K380 is an excellent choice. Also it comes in a range of pretty funky colours, so as a minimum it will add colour to your desk.

Nearly had a relapse today by reinstalling email onto my phone. I’ve been ‘clean’ for 2 weeks and mostly loving the fact that I don’t pick up my phone a 100 times a day anymore - it’s down to 64 on ave. I have found the break liberating, although I know there is more I can do.

It’s letters like this, from Emmanuel Macron to the people of Europe, that upsets me the most about Brexit. At the very top there you can choose one of 22 languages to read the letter in. United for a better future.

Been reading Atomic Habits. Really practical book to read if you’re trying to make changes in your life. The biggest challenge is to try and process all the information in a meaningful manner. I think this one will benefit multiple reads.

On a continued high to recapture my time to allow me to do other things, I finally dropped the cash and bought a copy of Hazel - I know what the hell was I waiting for? Maybe the fact that I didn’t know Hazel could look into files and extract information. Wait what!? I know 🤯.


Disconnecting from the internet until such time as it suits you is empowering. Just because we can have the internet at our fingertips doesn’t mean we should use it. unfortunately most of us will succumb to the defaults. A browser, an RSS reader, social media, our websites. All these things contribute to noise in our heads. Some noise is good but under our terms and when we choose to give away that attention.

I’ve found the last few days without these distractions on my phone incredibly enlightening. My phone has gone from a tool of consumption to one of predominant creation.

In fact the only thing that I consume is books on my Kindle. An app that has unfortunately languished in a folder to be opened ever so sporadically. I’ve also dusted off my actual Kindle and have been using it more often as a consequence. Reading and writing more on any device is a step in the right direction.

I also find myself more in the moment with my kids. My wife would forever complain about me not ‘being there mentally’ and she was probably right. By contrast, these days, most evenings I don’t even know where I put my phone when it’s time to go to bed (usually at the entrance from when I came home).

I honestly encourage everyone to give it a go. You’ll be surprised how little you actually miss out on.

Feedbin has a great built in feature that I’ve not used very often. Click on the name of the site you’re following, will give you a graph of the average number of posts made over the time you’ve subscribed. is following roughly a post a day, which sounds right.

Finally tried oat milk. Happy to report it not only tastes pretty good, but all the gunky stuff stays at the bottom of the mug, so it looks much better than using almond milk in coffee. Next stop is trying to cut out the bread in my life…soo hard, but actually necessary.

Tool Phone

Yesterday was the first day that I put my phone in tool mode. Effectively everything that is a stream (including has been deleted. Reeder? Gone. Safari? Gone (ok hidden but nowhere to be seen). Email? Gone. Notifications? Gone.

The upside is that I now pick up my phone 50 times less on average and 1 hour less.

So what do I use my phone for now? As it turns out, a fair amount.

  1. Podcasts
  2. Mifit tracking
  3. Camera
  4. Calculator
  5. Scanner
  6. Timezone clock
  7. Kindle
  8. Music
  9. Text messaging

Now I go to my apps and it’s with purpose. I’m not going in for the sake of going in. Doing so means I’m more available in the moment. When I check my emails, I go in, have a look and then move onto something else. It was a pretty scary feeling at first, but now that I’ve done this, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long.

⏰ I’ve downloaded RescueTime for my Mac, iPad and iPhone (tomorrow I’ll install if for my Windows machine). My only quibble so far is the pricing of the service. I’d like to pay for the stuff I use regularly, but I feel $9/month is steep? I guess I’m relatively concious of adding yet another subscription.

☕ Almond milk in coffee looks disgusting …but it tastes pretty good. Ran out of normal milk…could this be a trend?

First bit of exercise I’ve had in months. No idea what’s happened to me recently but physical activity has taken a back seat to my creative endeavours. Something I know is ultimately not good for those very creative activities. Hopefully I’ll do this more regularly.

🚸 I guess this is part of the joy of parenting. Being there to see your two young boys play lego with each other building, destroying and discovering things together.

This winter has been a pretty poor example of healthy living for me. Too many sweets. No exercise and haphazard eating. As we get closer to the unlocking season I’m hoping to make a mental turn and get the derailed train back on track.

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