On This Day, One Year Ago

A year ago, on the 16th of January 2018, I wrote:

It’s always hard to start something new. The main question is whether or not you’ll see things through and actually find value and continue to use it as the initial shine wears off.

It was my first post on Micro.blog. 475 posts later, I’m glad to say that I have derived incredible value from the service.

I think the main reason can be attributed to it’s frictionless posting. The box doesn’t judge - you decide how short or long you want to write, add a title or not it’s up to you. It doesn’t offer any complications - no categories, tags, dates or URL naming. Just write and hit post.

Most importantly, the service has helped me take complete control of my online presence. Everything is now funnelled into kaa.bz.

Like many Brits, I’m glued to my screen watching the circus that is Brexit. My hope is that this proposal is buried and that somehow means no Brexit. I just want it all to be over and everyone can agree that it was a colossal waste of time & effort.

My 2019 Actions Calendar is now ready to be downloaded. This is the 3rd time I’ve created one of these but the first time I’ve released it online. I’ve found the design to be very practical. Hope you’ll get something meaningful from using it as well.

Working on something to share. It’s 12 days too late (and likely a few more before it’s done) but it’s a long year.

This is as wintery as it gets in Dubai. A mild 18°C. Have the window open and feeling the cold breeze coming in. It’s a real treat for us out here. Birds in the background. Good start to Saturday.

Sooo annoyed. My iPad is getting noticably hot on one part of the screen. Gone ahead and booked myself at the Apple store (although might go first thing tomorrow morning) and bought AppleCare as well as insurance.

I will be talking about my new project, Stet.Build. For now, if you work in the construction industry or are interested in architecture, engineering and the built environment I’d like to point you to my monthly newsletter In Abeyance.

Ryan is at another milestone again. Yesterday he began to stand up on his own. The whole thing surprised and delighted him as he laughed about it every time he did it. Give him a week or two and I think our little boy will start walking.

Been pretty quiet on the site, but that usually means I’m working on something. Should be ready to launch and discuss on Thursday. Super excited to share as it’s been in development for 8 months now.

I did a few of these images back in the summer as I was learning and developing my new style. With the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil things have gotten a whole lot easier.

Although I have a ton of thoughts about the iPad not being a Mac, this keyboard by Brydge really appeals. Mainly for times when travelling with both a laptop and iPad make no sense. Bonus, according to Snell the combination weighs less than an equivalent Macbook Pro.

🍿 Finally got around to watching The Incredibles 2. Maybe the fact that I am now a father with 2 kids, this movie means even more to me now? Maybe the fact that every time I saw Jack-Jack I was reminded of Ryan? I was over the superhero parts, but everything else rocked my world.

My mind has been completely blown away by how great (and complete) Procreate on the iPad is. I only wish that Linea’s use your finger to erase could be used as a preference, because that feature is a usability slam dunk.

Ok I get the whole iPad Pro thing now. Thankfully I saw sense and got the 12.9” version. I’m likely going to be spending a lot of time on this machine over the coming years. The drawing apps are incredible and I’ve only just scratched the very surface of what’s available.