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You know what I miss? Long magazine articles spanning multiple pages, with a number of asides about a specific topic. Wired used to do those, but the granddaddy was (is?) The Comics Journal.

One of the things that I’ve missed while living in the Gulf is real blue skies under a tree.

Forced iPad Lifestyle

This is interesting. I’m now being forced into living the iPad lifestyle as my main computing device (until I can revive my Mac or worse replace it).

Let’s see if Federico is onto something with his commitment and enjoyment of the iPad as his favourite device. I haven’t really had to do this on account of having a Mac. I found what I believed the iPad was ideal for - everything involving the Apple Pencil.

It’s going to be interesting to write, research, edit and draw several issues of my newsletter on this device. Unfortunately I’ve still not switched to iPadOS, so the experience does feel somewhat hindered and limited at the moment.

Funnily enough, the only app that doesn’t have an iOS equivalent has a web version available, everything else I use has a fully functional iOS app.

One of the things that I do when I’m on holiday is to buy a couple of magazines that I devour over the course of the holiday. This mini break starts off with The Monocle. Along with The Economist, the only magazines I buy semi regularly.

Last breakfast in Dubai. I have a nice and long post to write about what my thoughts on the place are. Overall I have really enjoyed my time in the Gulf. I wouldn’t have lasted 8 years if it wasn’t a pleasant and safe environment to live, work and play.

So it’s clear that my MacBook is officially dead. Took it to the Apple store, tried a new adapter, and the computer wouldn’t turn on. Tried a few keyboard combinations but unfortunately nothing seemed to work. I’ll be taking in to be repaired, it’s easily the best Mac I’ve ever had and honestly I’m not really looking to be buying a major computer any time soon.

🌚 It was a full moon a few days ago. The significance being that over the summer, my favourite thing with Ryan was to first hunt for the moon from the various windows in the house. Then we would sit in the dark and gaze at it together. It’s really captured his imagination at a really young age (that and cleaning up). The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree.

💻 Oh no. I think my laptop has given up the ghost. Orange light in maglite adaptor is on but the power isn’t coming on. Looks like I will be relying exclusively on my iPad Pro until I try and get my laptop fixed.

Finally get to start thinking a little bit about our new life in Copenhagen. Both excited and terrified. Making the leap to a place I’ve never even visited is either brave or stupid. Probably a little bit of both.

Living from a suitcase for the last week has been interesting. Especially the food side of things. I’ve now tried a few breakfast places and consistently the eggs never come as I ordered them. I’m likely more critical than most about this but still.

🎥 Just came out of Once Upon a time in Hollywood. Seriously, someone tell me what the hell I just missed? I know I’ve not seen many movies recently, but I feel like I didn’t get the joke…

After 5 years I get to go to movies :). Tarantino no less. Such a treat.

You’ve stacked all the things that need to be done. People to pay, things to sell and collect. You’re in the car. You’re 5 minutes from your destination and you have a flat tire. It’s 2pm in the afternoon, you’re in the desert and it 45°C outside. Get out to fix the tire. You’ve got so much on your mind in your panic you forget to put the hand brake on. You get to work and the car rolls a little forward. Fuck.

Out of nowhere a good samaritan pulls over and just helps you to get this together as quickly as possible. There are good people in this world.

Last few days in Dubai. Have another mammoth day today for doing a bunch of stuff, fingers crossed it won’t be an exercise in frustration…although I’m bracing myself for the worst (trying to be stoic about it).

You had me at iPhone 11 Pro. I was honestly planning on getting a new camera, but the funds there will now go into this beast of a phone. It’s going to have to last me a good 5 years to make it worthwhile but I am pretty confident that won’t be a problem. Also Pro font!

Moving out day. The house I’ve managed to live in for nearly 2 years! Considering my stupid record of moving houses and countries as regularly as I do, Damn it’s been a looonnnnngggg day so far.

Yasmine took this photo and it absolutely hit a real nerve with me. The way he’s holding the two crayons in complete defiance and triumph. I wish he keeps that spirit throughout his life.

And like that…it’s gone. It’s been our faithful companion for our 4 years in the Gulf. It all becomes that much more real when you finally loose your wheels. Frankly speaking I am in many ways looking forward to living my life without all the anscillary costs that goes into the ownership of a car. Maybe living life in a more sustainable and dare I say, healthy manner? The irony of course is I’ll have to rent a car till I leave Dubai - it’s impossible (or exceptionally expensive) to function here without one.

Family away for the next couple of weeks while I sort out the house and get into my best Lenny Kravitz mode and fly away.

I sold my desk today. When I first moved to Dubai I decided to treat myself. I got myself a big ass desk that I could spread my stuff across and generally embrace the clutter. Now that we’re on our way to Denmark I’m going to have to downsize.

Having said that I have learnt to embrace the digital a little bit more. Sure I still have room in my life for some paper (namely my journal and pocket notebooks), but I think overall it’s going to be about getting by with less stuff.

Goodbye old friend.

That’s 2 for 2 from Logitech. Combined with my K380 keyboard, the MX Anywhere 2S mouse is arguably the most expensive mouse I’ve bought since the Magic Mouse (the one with the nipple). This thing though is awesome.

Just finished listening to episode 361 of 99% Invisible. I found myself enjoying it even more as the second part of the episode talks about two topics I’ve just covered in my newsletter, Tall Timber and Two Carbon Targets.

The interview with Vince Beiser was excellent. Sadly they beat me to the topic on sand - to be fair Vince was way, way ahead of me on that one. He does an amazing job of explaining the premise of his book, called The World in a Grain, which I can’t wait to read.

The more I read about plastic the more upset I get. Thankfully there are organisations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, specifically the New Plastic Economy Global Commitment, that are doing really good work. We all have a role to play in tackling this issue.