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In another ding against iCloud, if you find that files you created in iAWriter on your iPhone are not syncing to your iPad (something that has been happening regularly since September), the trick is to open the Files app on your phone, which will then coax iCloud to wake up and take the new information created. OneDrive hasn’t been great either. Say what you will about Dropbox, but those guys have always had sync down to an art.

Issue 021 of my newsletter In Abeyance is out now and shines the spotlight on drones. This one was fun to research but tough to write about because of the sheer volume of information around the subject.

So my daily photo posting (part of the February challenge) came to an end one week before the end of the month. A bit annoying but I’ve been pretty swamped recently and it just escaped me. Better luck next time.

The latest issue of In Abeyance is totally kicking my ass this weekend. I’m nearly there, but I have been totally overwhelmed by the volume of information. Didn’t think this subject would be so expansive, but once I jumped in, I realised it was an entire world I knew nothing about. Should hopefully go live tomorrow sometime.

Zane’s drawings are getting increasingly more elaborate.

I have found that deciding what to read next usually kills my reading momentum. It’s not for lack of books available to read, those I have in abundance. So here are the books I plan on reading this year:

  1. Time and Time Again By Ben Elton
  2. Stillness is the Way by Ryan Holiday
  3. The World in a Grain of Sand by Vince Beiser
  4. Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport
  5. The Rock of Tanios by Amin Maalouf
  6. The World As It Is by Ben Rhodes
  7. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
  8. Tribes by Seth Godin
  9. Berlin by Jason Lutes
  10. Saga by Brian K Vaughan & Fiona Staples

If I finish (a big if) these, then I will try and finish the following:

  1. The Mote in Gods Eye by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
  2. Messy by Tim Harford

I orginally didn’t really give Drafts a fair shake. It wasn’t until I tried it on the iPad that I finally understood where it can fit into my text writing life - specifically it makes for a great editor.

This particular editor is in many ways the antithesis of my preferred editor iAWriter. Where iAWriter gives you some customisation options, these are very considered. Drafts goes the other way and basically lets you control just about every aspect of the editor.

I’ve not gone for the pro version just yet, as I’m trying to see how/if this thing has legs for me.

He won’t be this small forever.

📚 Finally finished reading Binti yesterday night. It’s been a really long time since I’ve not been able to put a story down, ‘school night’ be damned.

It would seem that my iTunes account has been compromised. Damn it’s been rough since the afternoon. Need to wait 24-48 hours as it’s been escalated within Apple. Such a nightmare.

Being in a country and a city that isn’t scared of public displays of affection (even ones as simple as holding hands) is something that’s both surprising and refreshing at the same time. Loads of couples out and about Copenhagen this evening. Happy ❤️ Day everyone.

Minimal setup.

Insta-snow in Copenhagen

Big day when sunrise is before 8am and sunset is after 5pm. Can you feel it? Winter is nearly over and we start unlocking.

Issue 020 of my newsletter In Abeyance is out. This issue is about blade graveyards, cities and roads.

Truly fascinating episode of Hidden Brain, regarding the use of clickers to teach humans. I’ve been going through the frustrations described here as I try and teach my five year old different things. I’ve realised that with Zane he sometimes has to learn from his own mistakes, as no amount of talking will do that. The latest is how to hold and use a pencil. It’s not until he’s started to develop a calus on his hand (from drawing!) that he is considering listening about maybe changing the way he holds the pencil.

He’s also been using the term “I can’t” a lot recently, which I try and discourage by telling him that he hasn’t even tried yet. I should change my approach, as I clearly lack some empathy of understanding what he’s going through.

It was pretty cold and windy, but that didn’t stop Ryan from enjoying the magic of a flower.

Every once in a while you need a reset day. Just take stock of everything. Clean up the house. Make some home made granola. Get around to all the little things that pile up over a month that you keep meaning to get around to but never do.

Train tracks.

Kids & Boxes.

Sweet potato buns. Nailed it this time.

I didn’t want to believe this day would come to pass. I didn’t want to believe that a majority of the British people thought that being European was such an unwanted part of their lives. Yet here we are. For my part, I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy being European.

Like many, I am following the Coronavirus. This is sadly only the start of humanity bearing its racist teeth, out of fear. A virus does not see Chinese, Arab, French, Spanish, American or Cambodian. These are all human constructs. Unlike us, the virus only sees human.

Seriously America, get the 🍊 out of the White House. He exemplifies everything that is wrong with the political world today and he keeps trying to make it worse. Back to your reality TV show. Begone!

🖕A big fuck you to the Chinese government for trying to put political pressure on other nations to assimilate to their censorship hive mind. It’s rejected outright.


Totally missed this. Cursed is a book by Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller. Looks awesome, and of course is coming to Netflix. Of course.

It’s the bun

One of the clearest data points in our transition to Denmark is the nearly complete shift from eating out on a regular basis to eating exclusively from home. Slowly we have been adding different types of foods to our cooking repetoire. Yasmine’s been getting into baked muffins in a big way, as she continues to experiments with all kinds of ingredients.

From my side, I finally attempted and mostly landed the ever ellusive potato bun for a hamburger. If like me you are a burger connosieur, you understand that the bun makes the burger. You’re very liable to forgive a lot more of what goes inside the burger, but if the bun isn’t right, then the whole thing falls apart.

The receipe I would totally recommend is the this one by Food Wishes. When I first heard Chef John, I thought this is a joke right? His tone grows on you and then the humour comes in, which is a nice touch. The only part I will be tweaking is the amount of yeast. I’ll be using 1½ teaspoons rather than the recommended 2½ as it smelt too yeasty for our liking. The other part is that I think the buns could be a little larger, so maybe use halves rather than quarters.

The other video I would recommend is the one about making a Shake Shack burger. It’s a classic burger where less is more.

Isssue 019 of my newsletter In Abeyance is out, The Circular Economy. This one has a lot of noise and material being generated for it. Definitely a topic to watch for how it moves in the future.

I’ve been wanting to capture our nomadic lifestyle in a series of maps on our wall. This might be just the answer I was looking for - (via Daring Fireball)