Over the years I have bought a slew of Apple related products (for both myself and my wife). We are an Apple family.

No. Product Model Comments In Use
1. iPod Mini 2nd Generation, Silver Won in a coaster competition at the time.
2 Mac Mini mid-2007, 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/80GB HD/1GB DDR2 SDRAM) My very first Mac
3 Mighty Mouse
4 Apple Wireless Keyboard
5 iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation, Light Blue and Dark Blue versions Hey it was London, I was in my 20s. I lost the first one.
6 iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation, Black Rubbish version. Apple being to clever for it’s own good.
7 Macbook 13 inch, Aluminium, late 2008 Sold this in 2014. It had a solid run.
8 iPhone 4 Black, 16GB My first iPhone.
9 Time Capsule 3rd Generation, Late 2009 Still in constant use, nearly a decade on.
10 Macbook Pro Retina Display, 13inch, late 2013 My current Mac. Still strong.
11 iPhone 5c Green, 16GB Was working fine until a November 2018, when the wife smashed the screen. Her second in a single day.
12 iPhone 6 Spacegray, 64GB My second iPhone. Totally destroyed this phone. Been using a case ever since.
13 iPad Air White, 64GB My wife’s iPad. She’s wreched this bad boy 4 years into it’s life.
14 iPhone 6s Spacegray, 128GB Replaced by Apple as they screwed up a screen replacement for my iPhone 6.
15 iPhone 7 Gold, 128GB Wife smashed the screen on this twice.
16 Apple TV 32GB
17 Airport Express
18 iPad 9.7” 2018, 128GB A replacement to her smashed iPad Air. Funnily enough, this is pretty much a like for like replacement.
19 iPhone 5S 32GB A replacement for her bankrupt iPhone 7.
20 iPad Pro 12.9" 2018, 256GB Spacegray My very first iPad.
21 Apple Pencil 2nd Generation Without this, I would not be buying the iPad Pro.