Everyone has a passion to keep them sane as they meander through life’s routines. These are some of the projects that are occupying my mind, now.

List update: 10 May 2018

  1. Secret project that has completely taken over my imagination and all my free time. It’s combining everything that I know how to do in one place. Will be sharing some stuff as it starts coming together.
  2. I’ve completely been swept with fever. It’s reminded me of what was great about blogging 15 years ago, only now it’s soo much better.
  3. I occasionaly make comics, although this is a side-side-passion. I’m not very good at it and it takes a long time to complete. Head on over to Moon Racket! for my comic strip about two friends, a robot and a worm, who live on the moon. This year I plan on releasing a collection of the work I’ve done so far and move the site over from Medium to Blot.
  4. RMO is where I’m documenting my thoughts and ideas on how to reduce mental overhead. This is a very large project that will likely take several years before there is enough there to be of value, but you have to start somewhere.